About Us

Who we are, our story, and our values

What is RCO

Riverside Community Outreach (RCO) is a non-profit community organization serving vulnerable children and supporting families in Columbia County, Oregon.

RCO Beginnings

After over a decade of being a foster and adoptive mom, RCO founder, Abby, was at a crossroads. She had a deep desire to continue to provide care and support to children in foster care, but with a family of 12 their household was too large by state standards to foster any more children. Along with her husband, she began to look for other ways to contribute and help children in need. As they delved more into the needs of their community and deeper into what was happening with children who were in foster care, they began to see the foster care crisis was complex. Foster parents needed encouragement, children needed safety, and biological families needed support. It became clear to them a more holistic approach would be paramount to truly make a difference in the community. They wanted to care for vulnerable children and support families both in and out of foster care. With those ideals in their hearts, Riverside Community Outreach was born.

To see more of Abby and Matt's journey, follow their blog at www.crazyville12.com.

RCO Values


This is where we live life together. This is our home and these are our neighbors.


We are stronger and better together. By working with each other we can pool our resources and accomplish more for the common good.


We want to solve problems. We believe in thinking outside the box to come up with innovative and practical solutions.


We are committed to serving everyone in our community with love, kindness, and respect. Every person is important and significant.